Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dehumidifier types

Dehumidifiers are devices that are used to maintain a certain level of humidity in your home. There are three main types: absorption dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers and cooling sprays.

About dehumidifiers absorption
This unit uses an absorbent material to absorb moisture from a room. This material contains microscopic pores that allow you to absorb water very well. When the material is saturated can be dried with hot air.

About Spray Dryers
The device dries the air when the moisture in the air saturated with water sprayed on the surface. A washer or air spray can be used until the water temperature is lower than the dew point of air flow.

About dehumidifiers refrigeration
To dehumidify the air forces the air device to overcome a cooling surface where the moisture saturated air. A cooling unit cools the surface or the coil.

Installation of air conditioning controllers

If you have a new air conditioning system installed, you may be wondering where to install the air controllers. Here are some tips on air conditioning controllers.

The first question is: if you have one or more controllers installed? Well, it is better to have more than one controller if you have a two-story house. This will help you check the temperature unless you go up there all the time.

You can have a controller installed in your bedroom and your living room. This will allow you to control the temperature during the day and also when you go to sleep. If these rooms are on the same level, you should have another controller installed on the new level.

Even if you have a house on one level, it is better to have two controllers installed. It will cost you less if you do this at the time of installation. You can save hundreds of dollars.

Now the best place to install the control is near the light switch, or the same height. The problem is that you need to place them on an outside wall to have better access to the cable. But this problem can be solved by an electrician. Call one and ask him his opinion.

Now you should have no problem placing the main controllers of the air in the right place. Put them in an inconspicuous area and always consult an electrician.